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Dev Headquarter was started with one question in mind that is "Does software developers only needs tech news?"

If you are a software developer you'll quickly say NO. There are a lot of frameworks, libraries, SDKs, programming languages, and other stuff lying on the ground. And developers always feel the pain to find the latest news and updates about all those technologies.

So we take the responsibility and make it our mission to become the world's first developer-centric platform. Dev Headquarter will give you all the latest updates and news that you'll need to know as a software professional.

Dev Headquarter provides you with all the necessary content that you should know as a developer. From the latest patches and updates from the framework you loved, or new tech that is popping up in the market. Dev Headquarter makes sure that you don't miss any updates related to software and tech from now.

You might think, that where we stand in the market and whom we are planning to serve. As there are a lot of Tech News websites is there in the market and they are doing a great job then why do we need something else. Then here are my personal story that pushes me in creating this platform. I was a Flutter developer and doing great with the framework. I develop a few Security Systems, News Portals, and Chat Apps in flutter and I love what I was doing.

But one good morning my company requires me to learn Bootstrap for our upcoming project. And slowly I was going far from Flutter world. And Google launches its new major version Flutter 3.0 and I was unaware of that. After a couple of days, I saw a tweet that says about Flutter 3.0 and I was shocked how can I miss this. And then after my mind started to think about this that I follow many tech news sites and YouTube channels and how I missed this. And after analyzing a few days I realized that all tech news sites majorly talk about Hardware stuff that is new in the market. But almost no one was serving software developers. My mind asked me how will I know if that New Flutter Version is launched, or new bootstrap patch is there. What are the new updates of them? And that becomes the primary motivation behind Dev Headquarter.